They’re a Trusted Partner Who Understands Our Business

“My company has been with RHTS for over 12 years.  We find them to be extremely reliable and responsive.  Everything is done with a smile, and they are happy to help with any issue.

RHTS demonstrates themselves as a trusted business partner who takes the time to learn our computer needs that relate directly to our business, and we are always on the same page when something needs to get done.  We never had that relationship with any other IT vendor.  In addition, they moved us to a hosted system that is extremely reliable and flexible, while keeping our costs down and our system updated with current applications and software.  Updates and enhancements only take minutes because they can be done remotely.

Hands down, they’re the best company in the business!”

Andrew Pappas President
Synergy Insurance Group

RHTS Is A Provider With Experience And Expertise, And A Firm That Wants To Be A Part Of What You Are Building. RHTS And APT Are In Business Together.

“One of the main benefits of working with RHTS is having a partnership style of services. They take the time to learn about the people, the company, and the needs of the company, and look to bring services that we need without feeling that they are just pushing a sale.  They want that relationship and partnership knowing that RHTS and APT are in business together instead of two different companies.

When speaking to a lot of IT firms, I always get ‘I’ll bring that specialist on,’ or ‘I will reach out and get some other engineer on.’  With RHTS, you are speaking to the specialists and engineers.  The same people who are engineering your system are going to have the hands-on experience of building it.  They take ownership of the project and the concept. That is hard to find nowadays in other IT firms.

RHTS is a provider and firm with experience and expertise—a firm that wants to be a part of what you are building. They won’t sell you something you don’t need or won’t use, because they learn your business and want to help your business succeed.”

Devin Grandis President
Advanced Power Technologies

Working With RHTS Feels Like You Are Working With Your Own Personal IT Department Or With A Trusted Business Partner.

“The single biggest benefit to working with RHTS is the personalized service.  Working with RHTS feels like you are working with your own personal IT department or with a trusted business partner.  I personally had client audits where an RHTS compliance expert attended and directly addressed the auditors’ inquiries about our system design and security.  Additionally, RHTS seeks to maximize their value by producing the right product for their clients.  Not only do they provide prompt daily help desk and network engineering services, but they also never try to sell you a product or license that isn’t the right fit for your business.

I would say that if someone was on the fence about engaging RHTS, call me and feel free to discuss any issues which may have you on that fence.  I would be happy to share my experience.”

Steven J. Clarfield Managing Partner
Clarfield, Okon & Salomone, P.A.

RHTS Is Professional, Dependable And Service Oriented.

“We had a challenging startup, but RHTS pushed through the difficulties and really turned our IT environment around.  Their staff has done a great job for us.  We can now access our systems from anywhere, which gives us a competitive advantage.

Compared to other IT firms we've worked with in the past, there is always someone available to answer questions by phone when we need something. We have come to rely on a very quick response and resolution to problems when contacting RHTS, and they really take responsibility for our network.

The firm is professional, dependable, and service-oriented.  The owner always makes himself available.”

John R. Schwenk President
Selective Investigations, Inc.

Knowledgeable And Courteous Professionals Who Know Our Needs.

“We use RHTS for all of our IT support.  They are knowledgeable and courteous professionals who know our needs.  Compared to other IT firms we’ve used in the past, RHTS provides us with solutions that meet our needs without recommending overkill or costly solutions.  Talk to them and discuss your concerns with them, and they’ll do their best to work with you.”

Philip J. Rizzo, P.E. Vice President
O'Donnell, Naccarato, Mignogna & Jackson

RHTS Takes The Time To Understand All Aspects Of Our Systems.

“One of the greatest benefits of working with RHTS is their accessibility.  When we have an issue, or are planning a new project, we have the ability to speak directly with an individual who can help.  RHTS takes the time to understand all aspects of our systems.

In addition, RHTS makes recommendations for systems and equipment that are the best fit for our organization, even if that means purchasing items through another reseller.”

Leigh Ann Henderson City Manager
City of Wilton Manors