Free Resources To Help Navigate Your
Business Through These Difficult Times

I founded RHTS on a principal of wanting to help others. In this unprecedented time of upheaval, RHTS adopted the slogan of "No Business Left Behind".

To assist fellow business owners and executives, whether clients or not, I’ve put together the most relevant information to help navigate this event from a business perspective.

You’ll find resources on working remotely, avoiding COVID-19 based scams, planning financially, helping employees cope and leading with excellence during a crisis.

I’ll continue to update the resources found on this page as there are new developments and programs available.

Dedicated to your success,

Russell Hopkinson

I know your world is probably on fire right now and you’re likely overwhelmed with everything going on.

So if you need help getting your staff to work remote or if you have an IT emergency, RHTS has techs available to assist.

We are NOT looking to hard sell you anything – I’m happy to simply help you come up with a plan - no agenda other than to help.

Our team is up and running remote, and we have the ability to throw you a lifeline if you are in need of one.

Let me know how I can be of service!

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Best Practices For Business Amid COVID-19

6 Best Practices to set the foundation for business in our new reality.

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5 Steps to Working Safely From Home

Working from home presents some unique productivity and security challenges. This guide provides tips to make the transition easier.

This guide should be provided to all staff that have transitioned to working from home.

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Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Hackers and Cyber Criminals are taking advantage of fears surrounding Coronavirus to try and profit from consumers’ fears, uncertainties and misinformation.

This guide provides ways to avoid becoming their next victim and should be provided to all staff as one bad click could be opening the door into your business to the bad guys.

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Remote Work Policy Template

What expectations do you have regarding your staff working remotely? What guidelines are you providing your team?

Download this template and edit as needed to fit your situation.

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Email Communication Templates

It’s important to provide communication to clients regarding your status and what you are doing considering the current situation. If you are open or closed, you need to keep your clients and staff informed.

Edit the templates to meet your specific needs.

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Keeping the Office and Staff Safe: Work Environment Protocols

If your team is working in the office or you have staff that need to go onsite to service clients, provide guidance on what you expect for minimizing the risks.

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Official COVID-19 Information Sites

Financial Planning

Meet with your CPA and/or Controller/Accountant and create a financial plan for the next 90 days. Re-evaluate this plan every 1-2 weeks to see if you need to adjust.

Stress test your cash! Alan Miltz’ SaaS tool for managing cash – no charge for 3 months – stress test your cash with just 6 numbers from your financials.

Consider adding an expense line item called COVID-19 and dump off all expenses in there including your staff and personal time spent dealing with a crisis – this 30 second video by Ron Lovett, author of Outrageous Empowerment, will explain why it will make it easier to apply for government assistance if and when it comes available.

Stabilizing Your Business: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

With constant changes brought on by the pandemic of COVID-19, your business may be presented with cash flow challenges and opportunities you may have never faced before. To respond to these changes, look no further than a motto with which you are familiar: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. The slogan used by the United States Marine Corps outlines steps you can take to combat the challenges you are facing as you make decisions that will be key to the survival of your business. Read details on this strategy here:

Financial Crisis Management Templates from Author, Greg Crabtree. I met Greg through my IT Peer group that meets in Nashville quarterly. Will you have the capital needed to get back to pre-Covid19 profitability levels (or better)? Resource here:

Mindsets for Scary Times

So, how is all of this affecting business? And how will it affect YOUR business?

While many people are in a panic, Jay Abraham, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish are NOT panicking at all, and you should know why. These three business leaders just had one of the most insightful, calm, and important conversations ever about succeeding in business in scary times such as what we’re experiencing right now.

They recorded the conversation and it is available for you to listen as I Love Marketing podcast Episode #362.

Of all the podcast episodes they've ever done, this will be one of the most important you’ll ever listen to.

Various Tech Collaboration Tools

Zoom Video Conferencing:

Slack Instant Messaging:

Microsoft Teams for Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing:

This tool is Included in your Microsoft Office 365 Licensing at the Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, and E3 levels.

Free Microsoft TEAMS Training

Bigger Brains has moved their Teams training over to YouTube as a resource for companies who need to learn collaboration in a hurry.